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thumb_01_120_120“During my assessment I learned I have limited ankle and shoulder mobility. Now I know exactly whats been holding me back all this time and what I need to work on to progress to the next level.”



Industry Standard Foundation

Using tried and trued tested Functional Movement Screening, Grasp Fitness trainers will run you through various movement screens designed to pinpoint your strengths and weakness and ensure your workouts are optimized for you.

Customized for Climbers

Climbing has its own unique set of fitness requirements that most training regimines don’t account for.  The GFA will run you though a climbing screen and help get you on the fastest path to the top of the mountain.

Designed for Results
Grasp Fitness is focused on results.  During the assessment process, we’ll work with you to identify the goals you have and the ones you aren’t aware of.  And then help you figure out how to achieve them.
Why the GFA?

This isn’t for me, you might be thinking.  Think again.  The GFA has something to offer everyone.  Thats the point, to find what will bring the most value to you.


Climbing has entirely different physical requirements than other activities.  Learn the secrets to train your way to a climbing machine.


Increasing strength is a major toolkit that allows us to progress towards our goals. We’ll identify the deficient areas that are otherwise holding back strengh gains across the spectrum and unlock your potential.


Consistency is the secret to getting and staying fit.  Ask us how we can help keep you accountable to the only one that matters: you.


Learn new techniques and exercises to expand the scope of your training and keep your body as intigued  as your mind.


Need help shedding some extra pounds? We can help create a program designed to help you lose the weight in the safest and most productive way possible as well as setting you up with the tools and knowledge to keep those pounds from coming back.


Range of motion and mobility when climbing is critical.  We can find the areas holding you back and get them solved for you.

“If I had 6 hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first 4 sharpening the axe”

At Grasp Fitness, we take a big picture approach with a simple goal: helping you to reach yours. To accomplish your goals and get where you want to be, you have to first know where you are. And that starts with Grasp Fitness Assessment.

Mainstream training is focused almost exclusively on looking great naked and pushing you beyond where you can push yourself. Important yes, but not everything.

Taking the time at the beginning to identify your strengths, limitations, and roadblocks can be the difference between stagnation, and rapid advancement.

The GFA will put you through a mix of standard and propriatary movement screens and assessments, surveys and discussion points designed to get an accurate picture of your current physical state and illuminate the path to your desired state.

You’ll leave with a better understanding of what you can do to move forward in your fitness goals.

Sign up for your GFA now.  You’ll absolutely learn something about yourself.

Sign up to learn how a Grasp Fitness Assessment can Optimize your Life.

Transform your body and your life.


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